Solar Panel Installation

The best time for a homeowner to go solar is during the installation of a new roof, and GAF Energy has developed the simplest way to do so. Our solar energy systems are fully integrated into a new roof, with no shingle penetrations, meaning less risk of a leak. The low-profile look is both beautiful and adds protection from the elements, in a way that no other solar system can offer — because it was designed by roofing experts and installed by GAF certified roofers.

The GAF Energy solar kit, installed by a GAF-certified roofing contractor, is a state-of-the-art way to easily add clean, renewable energy to your roofing project. The unique racking system, which flashes to a roof to ensure a leak-free experience, is both attractive and efficient.

Saving Money with Solar Panel System Kits

Gaf Solar Kit

Saving money on monthly energy bills is just the start. The GAF Energy solar kit will not only save money every month but may even pay for your new roof over time. A GAF certified roofing contractor can assess your roofing needs and help you determine if solar will work for your new roof. One warranty from the world’s largest roofing manufacturer. When you install the GAF Energy solar kit during a new roof project, you may qualify for a combined new roof and solar warranty, backed by the companies offering the best peace of mind in the business: GAF and GAF Energy.

Energy Solar Kit Installation Process

1. Permit Package Preparation

GAF Energy will review site photos and measurement data provided by the contractor to ensure the proposed solar energy system placement meets local and state building code requirements. Our team will also analyze photos of the main electric service panel (MSP) to ensure it has adequate capacity for the solar energy system interconnection. The engineering team will then proceed to prepare a full permit package that will be emailed to the contractor within 10 business days of the order being placed.

2. Permit Submission

Upon receipt, the contractor will review the plans and discuss the final system layout with the homeowner. Once the homeowner has approved the project, the contractor will then submit the permit package to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Permitting fees imposed by the AHJ are the responsibility of the contractor. Approval times may vary but typically take 1 to 2 weeks

3. Pre-Construction Call

In the event GAF Energy’s CARE team has been requested to assist with installation, an assigned CARE trainer will conduct a conference call with the contractor 1 week prior to the installation date. During this call our CARE trainer will review best practices and answer questions related to the upcoming installation. It is critical that the contractor and all parties relevant to the project attend this call. (Foreman, Electrician, Lead Technician, etc.).

4. System Installation

Expect complete solar system delivery to arrive at the site 1-2 day prior to the date of installation. If a GAF Energy CARE trainer was requested, they will arrive on time and prepared to assist on installation day. If GAF Energy is required to facilitate system electrification, an electrician will arrive within 1-3 business days to perform all required electrical work.

5. Final Inspection

The contractor will work with local building inspectors to receive approval of the solar installation. An inspection date is scheduled to have both the contractor and inspector present at the site. This typically takes place 1-5 business days after installation completion.

6. Utility Interconnection

Solar Panel

GAF Energy will prepare all utility interconnection documents necessary to request Permission to Operate (PTO). The contractor will be responsible for obtaining homeowner signatures on all required documents as well as submitting documents to the utility for PTO. Once PTO has been granted by the utility, the contractor may assist the homeowner in turning on the system for the first time and begin generating clean renewable energy.

GAF Energy Solar vs. a Typical Rack-Mounted Solar System

  • Beautiful: Ultra-low-profile solar panels, integrated into the roof system, elegantly complement your home’s curb appeal
  • Affordable: Installed with your new roof, saving both time and money over separate installations
  • Protection: Perimeter protection system reduces the risk of leaks as well as the potential for debris or animals to infiltrate under your system
  • Peace of Mind: 25-year limited warranty coverage for manufacturing defects; may be eligible for a single warranty that covers both your solar system and your roofing system
  • Expert Installation: GAF trained and certified contractors are professional roofers and solar installers

Frequently Asked Questions About GAF Energy Solar Kits

A GAF Energy solar kit uses best-in-class solar modules, producing the same amount of electricity as most other high-end solar systems.

A GAF-certified contractor can perform a site survey and walk you through the solar process.

GAF Energy solar kits come in a standard configuration of three rows by four columns of modules, measuring 13.5″ x 28.33″.

The GAF Energy solar kit is covered by The DecoTech Limited Warranty, which provides coverage for manufacturing defects in the GAF Energy solar kit. You may also be eligible for the GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and The DecoTech Addendum to the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, which covers manufacturing defects and misapplication of both the GAF Energy solar kit and your roofing system. You should review these documents carefully to fully understand your warranty coverage and restrictions.

GAF Energy has relationships with financing providers who can finance your new GAF Energy solar kit if you qualify.

Check with your tax advisor and local utility company to see what solar incentives are available in your area.

The GAF Energy solar kit normally requires no maintenance. In certain dry climates, the solar panels may need to be hosed down occasionally to remove dust for optimal performance.

Solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. Rain actually helps to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt.

Actual electricity savings will depend on your energy usage, location, utility company, effects of tiered pricing, electricity pricing regulations, surcharges, availability of incentives in your area, and other variables.

Design Considerations

  • GAF Energy solar system must be installed in landscape orientation
  • The roof deck must be a minimum of 15/32″ thick plywood or 7/16″ thick OSB decking
  • GAF Energy solar system is intended for use solely on roofs having a slope between 4:12 and 12:12
  • DC optimizers or AC inverters can be used
  • Asphalt shingle installations only

Interested in Learning More About Solar Panels?

A solar installation is a large investment, and Alliance Roofing & Exteriors wants you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home and budget. To schedule a no-obligation consultation and estimate for a GAF Energy solar system, give us a call at (224) 326-0521 or complete our online contact request form.